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Map Copying Practice Exercises

Please note: These routes are simply for practice and do not allow people to use them as a right of access, unless they are indeed public rights of way for equestrian users.

You will need a stopwatch to time 10 minutes.
Pens & White Cotton or similar map measuring device (as you would use for Trec)
A level surface such as a table, in a quiet area, free of distraction.

  1. Print off a copy of the blank map and the route map, Do not look at either till you are ready to start the excercise, place them face down on table.
  2. When ready prepare as if entering map room, set the stop watch to allow yourself exactly 10 minutes or ask someone to time this for you.
  3. On starting the clock, turn over both maps and commence copying the route onto the blank map, try to mark off your kilometres and ensure accuracy of the route followed.
  4. Stop immediately when your 10 minutes is up.
  5. Compare the routes to see how accurate you were, recheck your distance measurements to see if you calculated it quickly and accurately enough in the allotted time.

Exercise 1:

Map 1 - Blank

Map 1 - Master Map

Exercise 2:

Map 2 - Blank

Map 2 - Master Map

Exercise 3:

Map 3 - Blank

Map 3 - Master Map

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